Custom Styled Wigs

We have received many requests for 'custom styled' wigs. Those are wig styles according to your ideas and intructions. You may feel free to send us, by email, a descriptive idea, a photo or a sketch of a wig that you would like styled.

We will consider your requests, and, if we feel that we can produce the wig that you want, we will reply to your email with the price of the wig that we style for you. You can then order the wig by clicking on the appropriately priced item below. That will take you to a page that will allow you to choose a color for the wig or add 'Comments' when you place your order.

In the 'Comments' box of the order form, you can specify additional colors or further shipping instructions regarding the wig.

Custom Styled Wig #2 $99.95

Custom Styled Wig #3 $149.95

Custom Styled Wig #4 $199.95